Thursday, January 17, 2013

Soon To Be Released in America!

Starting this April, GORILLALAND will be distributed in the US and Canada a by Independent Publishers Group

“Fast-paced, gripping and a genuine page-turner, Cummings' action adventure marks the arrival of an author who rivals Wilbur Smith at the height of his powers."

Reader reviews:

"This is going to be fantastic book. The Diamonds are this book I'd say - what a gripping read. Brilliant, brilliant - brilliant. Tastes like a classic, feels like an epic. 5 stars."

"Fast read, entertaining, beautifully written, funny and exciting - bound to be a bestseller"

"WOW what a ride and a half! I'm out of breath! I want more. This was thoroughly enjoyable, well-written and clearly from the mind of an author who knows his terrain. I loved the characters though some were a bit scary. When is the movie coming out? That would be awesome."

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"In this, Cummings' first novel he brings his experiences in East Africa to produce a very authentic, fast-paced novel with characters which ring very true to many who have emerged during the decades of conflict in Congo and CAR. The lead villain, General Cosmo Zomba wa Zomba is a true-to-life depiction of a local warlord, but Madame Azziza Nshut, the treacherous, murdering arms dealer is the real villainess of the story.  At last a successor to Wilbur Smith as an author of ripping yarns set in the modern-day civil-war-torn areas of central Africa. I look forward to the movie and his next novel."

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"A compelling read . The story is fast paced with new twists and turns keeping your imagination on a continual high. Cummings seems to have a real grasp on the settings and characters in Africa probably due to his years of living there. This book wraps itself around characters who seem like something out of the mystery and ferocity that envelopes Africa and the abuses of some groups. Hopefully there will be a movie come out of this book or that it will be one of an exciting series."



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