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(1947 - 1954)
Dramatic Adventure Anthology
Tired of the everyday grind?
Ever dream of a life of … romantic adventure?
Want to get away from it all?
We offer you … ESCAPE!

The famous opening to the show, often worded to suit the events of the moment or season, warns the intrepid radio listener of adventure that is anything but... everyday. Like its sister show on the radio, Suspense, it is considered one of the top shows ever done on radio. Escape takes you on a ride into a world where danger comes in many forms, and you are on the edge of life and death, and perhaps you are being pushed! When Escape says romantic, we're not talking kissing, perhaps those kisses might be from teeming piranha! Escape is more Devil's Island than Fantasy Island. And it is wonderful adventure radio for the whole family, especially Dad.
The best radio actors appeared on the show week in and week out.
Some of the greats associated with the show include William Conrad (Gunsmoke), John Dehner (Have Gun Will Travel), Jack Webb (Dragnet, Jack Webb Collection), Elliott Lewis (Voyage of the Scarlet Queen, Broadway is My Beat), Georgia Ellis (Gunsmoke), Frank Lovejoy (Nightbeat), Hans Conreid, Jennette Nolan, Jay Novello, Jack Edwards, Joan Banks, Parley Baer (Gunsmoke), Paul Frees and Peter Leeds. And that's only a few of the dozens of radio actors who were a part of the greatest high adventure series on radio.
Producer-directors of the show included William N. Robson (Suspense) and Norman McDonald (Gunsmoke), both masters of the craft of radio realism and action adventure, laced with thrills and chills.
Escape's writers (including Ray Bradbury), music and sound effects all wove magic into these half-hour episodes, many of which were based on great writer's tales, such as The Man Who Would be King, Country of the Blind, Diamond as Big as the Ritz, Typhoon, Beau Geste, The Fall of the House of Usher, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and The Time Machine. Some were adapted from high adventure stories written in the 1930s and '40s. Many were written expressly for Escape. There are few clunkers.
All the popular Escape shows are in this fine collection, including "Three Skeleton Key", "Evening Primrose", "The Most Dangerous Game", "A Shipment of Mute Fate", "The Man Who Stole the Bible", "Earth Abides", and "The Loup Garou"...but each and every show is a fine radio drama. This is as nearly perfect as it gets, except, perhaps, that once you get in over your head, you might not... ESCAPE!

What follows is a catalogue of 145 exciting episodes of Escape - more than 72 hours of listening pleasure. Click any of the titles to listen online. Each one links to a detailed description of the episode on the Escape & Suspense website, as well as a free MP3 to download. Then sit back, and... ESCAPE.

  1. Action
  2. The Adaptive Ultimate 
  3. The Adversary
  4. Affair at Mandrake 
  5. Ambassasor of Poker
  6. Ancient Sorceries
  7. Back for Christmas
  8. Bird of Paradise
  9. The Birds
  10. Blood Waters
  11. Blood Bath
  12. The Blue Hotel
  13. The Boiling Sea
  14. Border Town
  15. The Brute
  16. A Bullet for Mr. Smith
  17. Carnival in Vienna
  18. Casting the Runes
  19. The Cave
  20. Classified Secret
  21. Command
  22. Confession
  23. Conquerer's Isle
  24. Conquest
  25. The Country of the Blind
  26. Crossing Paris
  27. Danger at Matecumbe
  28. The Dark Wall
  29. Dead of Night
  30. The Derelict
  31. A Diamond as Big as the Ritz
  32. Diary of a Madman
  33. Dream of Armageddon
  34. The Drums of Fore and Aft
  35. Earth Abides
  36. The Earthmen
  37. The Fall of the House of Usher
  38. The Far Away Island
  39. Figure a Dame
  40. Finger of Doom
  41. Flood on the Goodwins
  42. The Follower
  43. Four Went Home
  44. The Fourth Man
  45. Funeral Fires
  46. The Game
  47. A Good Thing
  48. Green Splotches
  49. Gringo
  50. Habit
  51. The Heart of Kali
  52. How Love Came to Professor Guildea
  53. I Saw Myself Running
  54. Incident in Quito
  55. The Invader
  56. The Island
  57. Jetsam
  58. Jimmy Goggles the God
  59. John Jack Todd
  60. Judegment Day at Cripple Deer
  61. The Killer Mine
  62. King of Owanatu
  63. Leiningen Versus the Ants
  64. Letter from Jason
  65. Lily and the Colonel
  66. The Log
  67. Log of the Evening Star
  68. The Lost Special
  69. Macao
  70. The Man Who Could Work Miracles
  71. The Man Who Liked Dickens
  72. The Man Who Stole the Bible
  73. The Man Who Would Be King
  74. Maracas
  75. The Match
  76. The Most Dangerous Game
  77. Night in Havana
  78. Night of the Guns
  79. North of Polaris
  80. An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge
  81. One Eighth Apache (re-creation)
  82. The Open Boat
  83. Operation Fleur-de-Lys
  84. An Ordinary Man
  85. The Outer Limit
  86. The Outstation
  87. Pagosa
  88. Papa Benjamin
  89. Pass to Berlin 
  90. A Passenger to Bali
  91. The Pistol
  92. Poison
  93. Port Royal
  94. Power of Hammer
  95. Present Tense
  96. Pressure
  97. The Price of the Head
  98. The Red Forest
  99. The Red Mark
  100. Red Wine
  101. The Return
  102. The Rim of Terror
  103. Ring of Thoth
  104. Roulette
  105. The Running Man
  106. The Scarlett Plague
  107. The Second Class Passenger
  108. The Second Shot
  109. Seeds of Greed
  110. Serenade for a Cobra
  111. Seven Hours to Freedom
  112. The Shanghai Document
  113. Shark Bait
  114. A Shipment of Mute Fate
  115. A Sleeping Draught
  116. Snake Doctor
  117. Something for Nothing
  118. A Study in Wax
  119. Sundown
  120. The Sure Thing
  121. Taboo
  122. The Target
  123. The Thirteenth Truck
  124. Three Good Witnesses
  125. Three Skeleton Key
  126. The Time Machine
  127. A Tooth for Paul Revere
  128. Train from Oebisfelde
  129. The Tramp
  130. Treasure Incorporated
  131. Two and Two Make Four
  132. Two Came Back
  133. Two if by Sea
  134. Typhoon
  135. The Untouchable
  136. The Vanishing Lady
  137. The Vessel of Wrath
  138. Violent Night
  139. The Voyages of Sinbad
  140. When the Man Comes, Follow Him
  141. Wild Jack Rhett
  142. Wild Oranges
  143. Yellow Wake
  144. The Young Man with Cream Tarts
  145. Zero Hour

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