Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meet Me in San Diego

I'll be appearing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, CA, Monday, October 6, at 7:30 PM, signing and reading from my new novel Pirates

Mysterious Galaxy is an independent genre bookstore that is passionate about creating and maintaining a community of readers, authors, and booksellers. I am honored to be offered this opportunity to interact with my readers at such a respected and appreciated independent bookstore. Here's how they are promoting me: 

"Greg Cummings is an award-winning wildlife conservationist who achieved remarkable success protecting gorilla populations in the wild through community-based initiatives in East and Central Africa. He introduced safari tour company runner Derek Strangely, in Gorillaland, an adventure of crime, civil war, and ecological catastrophe set deep in the Congolese jungle. Strangely survives to return in Pirates; he has relocated to Kampala, Uganda, when he is contacted by a friend whose past is entangled with pirates from the Federal Republic of Somalia. 

"Greg will discuss the challenge of  incorporating global conflicts into fictional adventure." 

Bring your family and friends. 

7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego CA 92111
(858) 268 4747

Pirates is available in store and at the Mysterious Galaxy website

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